Amrish Malhi – Blond Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Young Again

Tired of wearing a similar blonde hair hues? Searching for another hairdo to influence you to look youthful once more? Amrish Malhi will share some fortunate thing about human hair is that it can simply be changed. Not at all like skin shading and eye shading, head hair can be changed to take after any outline or shading your heart wants. In some cases you require another haircut for light hair to fit in at work or look remarkable at a gathering. Possibly another haircut will make them look 21 once more.

1) Stunning Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Hair

2.) Shoulder-length straight blond hair with a curly texture at the end

3.) Wavy blond hairstyle down the sides

4.) Messy blond hairstyle

5.) Brushed straight down the back

6.) Wavy hair behind the head

7.) Medium sized mysterious side brush

8.) Long wavy blond hair

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The Most Popular Hair Colors of 2017, According to Top Stylists By Amrish Malhi

It’s another year and you recognize what that implies: New hair shading patterns shared by Amrish Malhi are not too far off. It might appear as though there’s just the same old thing new to offer after the majority of the patterns we’ve found in the previous years. All things considered, actually, you most likely can’t. We requested that best hairdressers list the most prevalent hair shading patterns of 2017 and a considerable measure of them are expansions of officially existing patterns.

Here below are some most Popular Hair Colors of 2017:-



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Amrish Malhi shares Stunning Wedding Hairstyles

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My Haircare Routine: Oiling | As Told by Anam |

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DIY healthy stronger and beautiful hair


We girls just love our hair and would go to any lengths to keep them healthy and beautiful. But the ever increasing pollution, hair styling tools and sun damage make our hair look dull and dead. So what do we do?? Expensive salon treatments with loads of chemicals or super inexpensive diy’s with loads of amazing awesomeness.

So here’s a very simple DIY that requires few products but has many benefits. All you need is coconut oil, castor hair oil and almond oil.

I have used a local virgin coconut oil, Bajaj almond drops hair oil and Ancient formula 5enriched herbal hair oil, which you can find in any of your local stores in India. But you can use any coconut, almond and castor oil, brand does not matter.

The oil mixture should be well combined. So give it a good shake.

How to use:

Take a few drops…

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Benefits of cucumber.


Good afternoon lovely people.

Its too hot here and i am loving to have salad in my diet .Amomg all the fruits and vegetables in salad, i thought to share the benefits of cucumber. As they are easily available and affordable too.

It has various benefits. From skin tan to  many diseases it is helpful, Including them in your diet will really be useful. Beside its direct consumption there are other ways too.


Cucumber for skin and hairs:-

1. Cucumber reduces dark circle. The abundance of antiocidants and sillica within cucumber can reduce dark circles. We need to place cucumber slices on our eyes for 20 minutes daily or we can also use cotton sokaed in cucumber juice to place on our eyes.

2. Cucumber makes an excellent toner, you can either mix it with apple cider vinegar, few drops of lemon, honey, aloe vera gel or use it…

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A New Haircut and My Hair Drama During Long Term Travel

My Wonderful World of Vintage

Yes it finally happened, I got a new haircut!  I was pretty nervous about it, I don’t speak Vietnamese after all, but my hair was bothering me so much (more about that in a minute) that I figured it was worth a try, worst case I can always end up with a really short pixie cut buzz cut and hair grows back anyway, right?

Well here are the results:

img_20161201_034315img_20161201_034415IMG_20161203_022202.jpgI think it actually turned out better than what I was even asking for since it has a kind of retro (or maybe even a French?) look to it that works well with my curls frizz.  What do you think?

Back at home in the U.S. I have always been a short hair kind of girl and I would usually straighten it.  But when we were getting ready to do this long term travel thing I was a little worried about…

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