2 Hairstyles for the Busy Gal by Amrish Malhi

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I’ve found myself to be sprinting out the door in the mornings lately, and hurrying between activities in the afternoon, and I know I’m not alone!  This leaves little or no time to do my…

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Amrish Malhi shares Quick Back to School Hairstyles

Hello Everyone,

So it’s that time of year again where we all start going back to school or college. Whenever I go back to college I am always looking for quick and easy hairstyles that I can do within 5-10 minutes before I head out the door.

My go to for a lot of days in college are braids. Braids are super easy to do when you get the hang of them and if you have long hair they are the best hairstyle to do to keep hair out of your face but that also isn’t too tight on your hair. My favourite to do is the french/ dutch braids, these style braids are similar one is just done in the opposite rotation to the other if that makes sense. A dutch braid is pretty much like a reverse french braid.

images (2).jpgdownload.jpg

If I still feel like having my hair down…

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Me Trying Out 4 Different Hairstyles!



How are you doing, little peeps? I’m doing good, thanks! So today – as the title says – I’ll be sharing with you 4 hairstyles that I’ve never really worn. I haven’t done a hairstyle post in a year, that’s weird.

So, weeks ago, my good friend and fellow blogger Lizzielizzysweeklyblogs.com tweeted me a suggestion for a post I could do! I straight up loved it!! 😍

So yeah, thanks Liz for the recommendation, it was an awesome idea!! *psst, check out her blog, peeps* 😜

The hairstyles are the ones in the pic she sent me, I’m gonna try them out. Onto the post!

Me Trying out 4 Hairstyles:

First of all, not only I’m gonna share the pics of my hair, I’m also gonna show you tutorial videos. Why am I not explaining it myself? Well, this is a blog, and you have to write…

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My make-up looks and hairstyles


Hi friends this is your girl Tashnee.V.Mavee. Welcome back to my blog, I hope you enjoy today’s post.

Sometimes I get confused which looks and hairstyles really suits me. I have done so many make-up looks and hairstyles but i cant decide which one really look good on me.

When your a women sometimes its difficult to decide, which hairstyle to do or what make-up to do. Especially when your going out for dinner date or a friend’s party.

Most of the time i dont put on make-up. I only wear make-up when l am going out or have a business meeting. Make-up sometimes make a lady feel good about herself or should i say feel more beautiful.

I am not saying we are not beautiful without make-up or we can’t feel good about ourselves. Because i believe that every lady was born beautiful with or without make-up. We are…

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back to school hairstyle ideas // cute & effortless

Veronica Marie

Hello lovelies! Today I’m sharing a few hairstyle how-to’s that are great for school or anytime you need a simple and cute hairstyle for the day. My favorite thing about all of these hairstyles is that they look adorable and will work with various hair types (straight, wavy, curly) while creating an effortlessly girly look.

Additionally, all of these looks are meant to be a little messy looking. If your hair doesn’t “stay in place” all day with these styles, it will still look great and possibly even better (which makes these ideal for a day at school or even work). 🙂

Just to note:I did not make up any of these hairstyles myself but just recreated different hair looks I’ve seen to give you girlies some hair inspiration. xoxo

1. Space Buns

To create some adorable space buns, divide your hair into two sections with a middle part…

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4 Hairstyles ||Quick & Easy

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Originally posted on CharlieStarBlogs:
Hey Guys, I hope you’re doing well? I’m a complete beginner when it comes to hair styling but I realised there are a few styles I’ve been playing around with lately. I thought I’d share these…

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My Hairstyles Through The Years

We have all had good hairstyles, bad hairstyles and disastrous ones! Our hair is a big part of our identity: it makes us feel confident, enhances our natural beauty and sets us apart from the rest. When I think

  I haven’t had many different hairstyles, but I have had it a few different colours. My natural hair colour is dark blonde, but I have dyed it black, blonde and brightly coloured previously! This is going to be embarrassing……🙈

The Natural Hair Colour Days (aged 15)

In the pictures below I was 15, I think: this was just before I dyed my hair for the first time. I always liked to have an edgy ‘choppy’ cut with a fringe, my hair was quite short. I don’t dislike my hair colour, but it’s kind of annoying that it’s not quite blonde but not quite brown, if you know what I mean?



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